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A magnificent work...let the joyous news be spread.
- Glinda, The Good Witch
I think Dorothy finally made it home with this one!
- Auntie Em
A spectacular feat of stratospheric skill.
- Professor Marvel
If you have half a brain, you'll buy this book.
- The Scarecrow
(Bow) Wow! Wow!
- Toto

Dorothy Gale Robinson, an aspiring actress, is the daughter of hippie parents with a passion for old movies. When her father is killed suddenly while sipping a non-fat decaf mocha latte at a local coffee shop, Dorothy's life is turned upside down. After an unconventional dispersing of her father's ashes at the Universal Studios' Psycho House, Dorothy's mother decides to sell all her worldly possessions and join a New Age cult headquartered in Banff, Canada. Of course, Dorothy's twin brother, Jude, is too busy with his law firm to help Dorothy save their mother from the clutches of the sinister cult, so she seeks the aid of her new boyfriend, Lahrs, and a cult-buster, Mervyn O'Roy, who just happens to look like Mickey Rooney. The motley trio venture from Florida to Banff, in search of Dorothy's mother and a little romance in the Canadian Rockies.
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